About us

Dear visitor, we inform you that there has been a change of name of "Goran Šica" into "BETONEA".
Concrete decorative accessories "BETONEA", still offers you the best of concrete!

Inside of this company, specialized for handmade concrete products, more than 300 different elements are being produced, all out of natural materials and with the reinforcement.

We created a team of professionals and adopted a technology that has enabled us to produce high quality products. The main characteristics of our products are the concrete strength, weather resistance, durability and the finest materials processing technology. In order to respect certain norms for installation, most of the products are transported to the customers in the natural concrete color, while the potential painting of the elements can be done after the installation. After the period of aesthetic and detail beauty neglect, we were among the first companies that had put pavilions, Greek columns, balustrades and decorative cornices back into the market. Our production program also includes garden seats and tables, fence columns, fireplaces, candelabras, fountains, jardinières etc.

Not only does the high quality production differentiate our company from other decorative ornaments producers, but also the speed of production and the number of the elements made allow us to make many architectural ideas come true.

We receive special orders that are not included in our program, and customize the products to the particular needs. We offer also transportation and installation, upon the agreement with the customers.

"Betonea" company is open for business collaboration and further distribution and export of the products with all interested parties.

Goran Petković, the owner