Concrete columns

Concrete columns

Considering that the classic architecture is one of its oldest styles, by designing the Greek columns with modern technology we tried to evoke the spirit of past times.

Our columns respect all norms and at the same time manage to define interior and exterior spaces by their elegant styles and eternal beauty. All columns are manually produced from concrete and with the reinforcement. During the installation, the internal column hollow is molded with concrete.  

Using the certain production technology, we managed to achieve the characteristic high quality of our products, which is demonstrated through the concrete strength and endurance, weather conditions resistance, and the finest design. For each of the columns, there is a prepared load chart that indicates the weight a particular column can support. 

The modern ages reflect the popularity of adding columns into architecture, and the number of the private homes decorated by this type of elements is increasing. The obvious advantages of the concrete columns are their endurance, and the whole specter of styles, patterns and dimension our company offers. 

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