Pavilion, gazebo or summerhouse – all these terms denote a place of joy and relaxation. 

Pavilion is a perfect detail for your garden or park, where you can seat and enjoy at the open space with family and friends. It is place to have a first morning coffee at, to read a book or newspapers.

Our concrete pavilion is classically designed, with the rustic characteristics, and each detail is meticulously designed, with the highest level of attention and care. It consists of eight elegant columns that are connected among each other with the arches, decorated by the consoles. The rail is comprised of a set of balusters.

Low voltage bulbs are put inside of the pavilion in order to provide subtle lightning in the evening hours.

Compared with other pavilions that could be found in the market, our pavilion is produced from the highest quality concrete, resistant to weather conditions and can last even for decades. This particular pavilion has a unique design, endures the challenge of time, it is inflammable, does not require any special and expensive care, and it adds the value to the general real estate value, thus making its advantages obvious.

Upon the agreement with the customer, we can also provide the transportation and installation of the pavilion elements (columns, portals, balustrades). The building of the pavilion foundation, as well as of the roof of the pavilion are in charge of the customers, while we can help also with this part by providing the drafts.

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