Classic jardinières

Classic jardinières

Classic jardinières

Choose the classic jardinière to set the elegant style to your home or your office. 

Decorative jardinières make yards, terraces, gateways, public and private spaces more vivid and alive.

Our numerous clients have defined the exteriors of their café gardens with our classic jardinières. They make the surrounding more elegant by the attractive design, either put alone, or combined with the pedestals.

We provide the different sets of the classic jardinières that are designed in the same way, but in various dimensions and forms. That way, jardinières can be used also to set one open space from another.

Flower jardinières are produced from high quality concrete, and do not demand high maintenance or special care when it comes to weather conditions. Because of that, they can stay outside during the whole year.

Their surfaces are smoothly polished, with no holes, and the color can be chosen from our Vitex color palette chart.

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