What are the materials used in production?

Most of our products are made from concrete which is being produced after the consolidation of the following material mixture: natural, raw aggregates (sand, natural gravel, crushed stone), binders (Portland cement PC 42, 5 R), and water, with the possibility of the concrete reinforcement.

Different admixtures can be added to the concrete mix (accelerators, retarders, air entrainments, plasticizers). Some of the products are made of polyester and ground marble mixture.

Are the columns supporting (can they support a heavy weight)?

Production technology and quality adoption enabled the creation of the supporting columns, and their load charts indicate the weight able to support.

Does your company offer the transportation of the purchased products?

We arrange the transportation upon the agreement with the customers.

Does your company provide the installation of the purchased products?

Our specialized team with many years of experience is in charge of the installation of the products, also upon the agreement with the customers.

Do you paint the products?

The products that are molded by freshly mixed concrete during the installation are offered in the natural concrete color, and the additional painting is possible upon the agreement with the customers.

Are the products weather-resistant?

Yes, they are. High quality production guarantees the resistance of the products to different weather conditions.

Is it possible to adjust the column height to the customer’s preferences?

Yes, it is possible to adjust the column height according to the customer’s request.

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