Greek columns

Greek columns

Greek columns

Greek columns are used for decorating terraces and balconies, as well as for supporting roofs. They are also essential elements for the pavilion design.

Considering that the classic architecture is one of its oldest styles, by designing the Greek columns with modern technology, we tried to evoke the spirit of past times.

Greek columns are used for the design of modern houses, as well as for the business and public buildings, thus giving them the look of eternity. 

These concrete columns are mostly used as supporting columns. They are also often used for the restoration of old buildings. 

The collaboration of our team with the architects manages to achieve and give a completely new and innovative look to your building. 

Our decorative columns are comprised of three elements: base, shaft and capital.  

The biggest difference among the Greek columns is reflected in the capitals style, since there are three different styles: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. 

All our columns are made of the highest quality materials and with the reinforcement and all necessary additives. 

After the column mold has been filled up with the concrete, the internal cylinder is taken out, thus leaving the hollow central part of the column that will be used for the reinforcement installation. When installing the supporting column, this column hollow is filled up with the concrete to provide the additional support and strength. The construction engineers create the column load charts that indicate the weight the columns are able to support.  Greek columns are transported to the destination as polished and in the concrete color (not painted), because there is a certain process of evaporation after the production of the new column that has to take place before any painting is done

Our experience and continual innovations in work and design helped us achieve the high quality characterized by the concrete strength, weather conditions resistance, long lasting products and the finest processing

We can provide the transportation within the territory of as agreed upon with the customers, while for the clients from abroad we organize the transportation at the most favorable prices.

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