Flower jardinières

Flower jardinières

Our wide range of products offers elegant, modern and ethno jardinières, and most of all, jardinières of high quality.

Jardinières are irreplaceable decorative elements of any garden, yard, gateway or park, and they can also be a subtle method to prevent car park at your entrance.

The design provided by Goran Sica company is as popular with professional exterior and interior designers, as with the private clients. They can serve for the decoration of public objects, private homes or public spaces.

Flower jardinières are the result of the craftsmanship and modern technology combination. They are produced from concrete, and the high quality of production guarantees the strength and the resistance to all weather conditions. These jardinières do not demand a lot of maintenance and can stay at the open space during the whole year. Their surfaces are smooth and elegantly polished, with no holes at all.  You can choose the color of your jardinière from the color palette chart.

Upon agreement, we can provide the transportation of the decorative jardinières on the territory of Serbia. For the export abroad, we organize the most economic solutions for the transport, as well as the export documentation. 

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